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YUME COUPLE TREATMENT – 3hr 15 min- $599 for 2 persons

Share some time with your partner with the ultimate relaxing spa experience. Our Yume Couple Treatment provides the highest level of excellence and service in a comfortable private suite, complete with a bathtub and shower.


(4 hours – $929 for 2 persons) – $809 for members

  • 20min private shower/aromatherapy bath soak
  • 15min herbal foot soak & massage
  • 15min herbal sauna
  • 1h couple massage
  • 1h facial treatment
  • 1h body wrap treatment
  • 10min refreshment
  • Japanese green tea & chocolate served during herbal foot soak.
  • Sushi & soup served after the treatments at our dining area.


(1 hour 45 mins – $519 for 2 persons) – $479 for members

  • 1h10min head spa
  • 30min relaxing facial
  • 15min herbal foot soak
  • 10min refreshment
  • Japanese green tea & chocolate served during herbal foot soak.
  • Sushi & soup served after the treatments at our dining area.


(1 hour 45 mins – $419 for 2 persons) – $379 for members

  • 20min private bath soak or foot soak
  • 15min herbal sauna
  • 1h couple massage
  • 10min refreshment
  • Japanese green tea, chocolate served during herbal foot soak.
  • Sushi & soup served after the treatments at our dining area.

HEAD SPA (70min- $149)$129 for members

At Yume Spa, we want to offer treatments that care for you from head to toe. A head spa treatment is like a facial for your hair and scalp. Our head spa combines hair treatment, scalp renewal, detoxification, deep cleansing, aromatherapy, a scalp massage and an aromatic herbal tea served to provide customers with the ultimate relaxation experience. 

A mini facial which includes face wash, massage & mask is included. Shoulder & neck massage will finish the Head Spa.

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members

We offer 4 different treatments harnessed to target your specific concerns:

Purifying to treat dandruff and flaking

Rebalancing to regulate excess sebum

Soothing to soothe sensitive or sensitized skin

Hair-loss to treat hair loss

HERBAL STEAM (15-20min/$39)

Herbal sauna have been widely used for their therapeautic qualities for centuries. They are most popular in Far Eastern countries such as Thai Lan, Vietnam & Cambodia.

This experience takes holistic sauna therapy to a whole new level. Herbal Sauna cleanses your skin, and in one session, it increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to your organs – especially the skin, giving it a healthy glow. On-going treatments are beneficial for acne and other skin conditions. The Herbal Sauna will relax face muscles and help clear your complexion by removing dirt, oil, and toxins, improving lung, sinus, and respiratory function by opening up your airways and sinuses. Gentle sweating opens pores, releasing toxins and impurities, increasing circulation, and helping overcome infection.  It increases circulation and eases muscle pain, relieving muscular and rheumatic pain.

Hydration is an essential aspect of this treatment regime, and herbal teas, filtered water, and vegetable juices are served during and after treatment. Like the dry sauna, the steam sauna boosts circulation, speeds up the muscle recovery process, and aids calorie burn.


Add Yume Spa’s massage therapy to your health and wellness routine. There are numerous benefits to getting massages regularly – like relieving muscle pain, calming the nervous systems, maintaining tissue health, improving blood circulation, improving your mood, and helping you hit the pause button for at least an hour at a time. Select the massage treatment you prefer and let us know your favorite aromatherapy oils, we will make sure your massage experience at Yume is unforgettable.

*Be open with your therapist about the level of pressure you prefer throughout the massage. 

Signature Yume Massage (60min/90min – $119/$159) $99/$139 for members

Our signature Yume massage is a combination of classic Swedish and Thai massage. The massage is designed to relieves joint stiffness, headache and backpain. It also helps improve the flow of energy throughout your body, increase flexibility and ease anxiety. After the massage, you will feel mentally invigorated and physically energized.

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members

Herbal Ball Massage (60min – $119) – $99 for members

Our Herbal Ball Massage is a hot compress technique offering several potential

health benefits. This massage is ideal for alleviating pain in stiff, sore, or

pulled muscles and ligaments, chronic back aches, arthritis, skin conditions,

migraines, and chronic stress or anxiety. Let the hot compress, blended with traditional Thai herbs, soothe sore and overworked muscles. The herbs we use also provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, resulting in both a relaxing and invigorating effect on your body and mind. 

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members

Prenatal Massage (60min – $119) – $99 for members

There’s nothing like a soothing prenatal massage to rub away the pains and strains of pregnancy. Prenatal massage may not only help you relax but also relieve neck and back pain, leg cramping.

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members

Ginger Compress Massage (60min – $119) – $99 for members

Our Ginger Compress Massage is a hot compress technique that is meant to help you relax, detox, and heal your body, using the natural properties of ginger. Feel your tension dissolve and blood circulate as our therapists apply the hot compress to your back, chest, or to a problematic joint. This massage also helps regenerate

tissues and strengthen the immune system and the internal organs. All the while, the aroma of ginger fills the room, creating a deeply comforting and calming experience.

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members


Yume’s Facial (60 mins – $119) $99 for members

The secret to glowing skin involves more than just a facial every now and then. The secret to glowing skin is a combination of consistent facial care, natural skincare products, and a healthy lifestyle. Regular facials are key to prevention of future skin care concerns. All Yume’s facial includes anti-aging face lift massage, decollete, shoulder, neck and scalp massage.

*Note: Spa acne treatments may not target the root cause of acne, which is hormonal.

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members


A citrus reset for the face! We begin by cleansing complexion with a foaming gel, made with a blend of micro kale extract and hemp oil—so crisp, so fresh! Next, an alcohol-free toner made with red leaf lettuce extract replenishes with vitamins A & K. All rough and dead patches are buffed away with a plantfoliant ® to reveal the silkiest you yet. Give skin a good glow with a vitamin C and chamomile mask! This facial ends with an application of a vitamin-enhanced illuminating serum, followed by a silky gelée hydrator, chock full of vitamin C! Oh, but we can’t forget those peepers! Last but not least, outer and under-eyes are renewed by an organic Gotu Kola serum. 100% mineral SPF30 sunscreen will be added at the end of the treatment.

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members


It’s a new way to refresh! Oily-prone skin finds its balance in this mattifying facial. We begin

with a foaming micro kale and green tea extract wash. You’ll get lost in this cleanser’s refreshing scent as the superstar ingredient, full-spectrum Hi-BioTM Hemp oil, removes oil and makeup. Get your greens with a cucumber water tonic – with triple hydroxy acids – that delivers a fast refresh and a healthy balance to pores! Next, a minty plantfoliant ® with 5 botanicals reveals

the silky softness you had just beneath the tough stuff. Before we end, complexion is treated to a delicious glycolic mask – chock full of replenishing coconut

milk and Texas honey. Skin is then illuminated with a peptide-enhanced brightening serum, while crow’s feet are toast with an eye-transforming serum that instantly diminishes the look of lines. Finally, total weightless hydration is yours with a micro kale extract moisturizer that delivers a clinical ageless peptide.

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members


Ahhhhvocado to the rescue! This facial leaves you smooth and completely refreshed. It begins

with a hydrating, minty-crisp Green Tea Milk Wash. Next, skin is quenched with a crisp Vitamin Berry Tonic before a powder blend of powerhouse turmeric, mango butter, poppy seeds, milk and clay exfoliates. After a quick rinse, bask in a dollop of Guac Star revitalizing and cooling mask. It nourishes skin with avocado oil, butter & extract, essential fatty acids, moisture-locking ingredients, and skin-feeding super antioxidants – green tea, goji fruit and pomegranate.

Once you’ve hit a happy shade of green, we apply a skin-brightening super serum. Three Milk Moisturizer, infused with patented peptides, helps soften deep winkles, while Crow Catcher Eye Transformation Serum helps say goodbye to tired eyes and hello to a more vibrant you!

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members


Japanese women are known for their flawless skin. Their beautiful skin is the result of a healthy lifestyle and the use of gentle skincare ingredients. We begin the facial with an organic cleansing oil. Oil cleansing helps remove all dirt and make up while keeping moisture and smoothness of the skin. Next, a 100% natural extremely fine Azuki Red Bean exfoliation gently buffs away dulling surface flakes, unclogging pores and smoothing your skin’s texture. The powder contains saponin, starch, glucose, protein, vitamins and minerals which are excellent for treating the skin. After cleansing, Sake-kasu mask will be applied for 5 minutes. Sakekasu is rich in Kojic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B1 & a variety of other elements that inhibit melanin’s performance, the culprit of sunspots, age spots and freckles.  Japanese rose skin toner will be applied on face and neck. The rose skin toner contains Hamanasu herbal distilled water and Yuzu seed extract, which are rich in vitamin C that helps prevent wrinkles and freckles. The skin toner softens skin and moisturized with a gentle aroma. Lastly, a brightening face cream that made of Certified Organic Shea butter, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil and Alpinia Zerumbet Oil will soothe and hydrate the skin.

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members


We combine an exfoliant with the wrap of your choice to enhance the overall health and appearance of your skin. A shower and herbal steam are recommended before a body wrap to begin your treatment with clean skin and begin the process of relaxation and detox. 

Shoulder & scalp massage included



*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members


Bringtening body wrap

Skin in search of its long lost glow? We’ve found it with this body wrap! Begin with a nourishing, vitamin E soak that softens skin for a spirited exfoliation with moonshine and Georgia muscadine grapes. Next, you’re nestled into a resveratrol wrap to reverse the hands of time and smooth over the look of fine lines. Finish with an organic cucumber extract shea butter to nourish and hydrate.

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members


A kneading so silky, skin will beg for a second helping! We begin by nestling arms and legs in a squalane and hyaluronic gelée cocoon. Formulated to brighten skin tone and hydrate, this blend with lycopene-rich watermelon extract seriously softens! Stiff muscles are then kneaded using effleurage strokes with a light-as-a-feather body mousse. Let juicy notes of watermelon dazzle and delight as this body treatment comes to an end.

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members


Skin is polished to perfection with a moonshine-infused body exfoliation, ripe with Georgia

grown Muscadine grapes. Next, you are massaged with a custom blend of Hi-BioTM Hemp warming oil (with CBD) and a feathery, light-as-air body mousse – infused with skin nourishing botanical oils plus fast absorbing, full spectrum hemp oil – rich in cannabinoids and over 15 vitamins and minerals. Skin drinks in the U.S. grown, non-GMO soy and safflower oils with skin repairing fatty acids, while retinol helps to nourish, and vitamin C from a tangerine peel brings out your most beautiful and natural glow.

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members


EXFOLIATION – WRAP – MASSAGE (80min-$159)- Membership – $139


Begin by being sloughed into smooth sweetness with a rum-spiked brown sugar scrub that gently exfoliates with a delicious buttery, caramel scent. Skin will exude a warm glow after being cocooned in the intensive healing properties of a Honey Heel Glaze

application and a creamy Butter Brulee wrap, packed with live fruit cells, aloe and honey. After a richly hydrating shea and cocoa butter massage grand finale, your skin will be singing a sweet symphony.

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members


You are cordially invited to the most decadent winter wrap of the season! A rice bran oil exfoliant greets you – clearing away the tough stuff before you’re painted with a firming chocolate and fig serum to help prevent the look of wrinkles, while also giving skin a toasty drink of vitamins A, E, and K. This kneading is a blend filled with peptide-enriched emollient oils to give skin a fabulous glow!

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members


Begin with a gentle whipped into a shea sugar lather that micro polishes until radiant skin awakes. Next, a thick velvety whip of honey and oat-infused yogurt and soothing white clay is painted on as you’re enveloped in a warm cocoon of blankets and a honey  and magnolia flower infused wrap. Active yogurt cultures help purify pores in this wrap, hydrating and tightening the surface. A rich, citrus-vanilla shea butter massage will coax you awake.

*add-on: 15mins herbal foot soak & massage for $19. Free for Yume members