Postpartum spa day

YUME Spa offers new moms special postpartum care services aimed to bring balance back to your body and abdomen. Far Eastern countries devote just as much time to postpartum care and recovery as they do in preparation.

We want to incorporate those practices by offering services that focus on healing and restoration, so you can slow down and care for your body the way it deserves. 

Postpartum Head Spa & Facial - 90 min ($169)

to nourish your skin as well as to enhance relaxation & hair growth

Postpartum Body treatment - 80 min ($149)

Our Postpartum Body treatment & Belly massage helps detoxify by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph drainage.

Our therapists will address your specific needs and apply gentle pressure to your belly as they massage in a circular motion. 

We will be applying a blend of natural ingredients and essential oils that will nourish the body and mind.

*Get approval from your doctor before booking.