The secret to glowing skin is a combination of consistent facial care, natural skincare products, and a healthy lifestyle. It is all about preserving and protecting your skin. In Korea, this starts when you are a teenager. The focus on Korean skincare is rooted in a philosophy of prevention, patience and gentleness. At YUME Spa, we’re committed to giving your skin the rich treatment it deserves by blending Korean-American protocols with our best skincare technologies and natural organic products

Yume Spa proudly use FarmHouseFresh & SavorBeauty skincare products that are made in the US. They are free of parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and chemical fillers.


1.     Oil Cleanse: a Korean beauty secret is to treat skin like the most expensive silk. Oil cleansing takes off makeup without wrinkling skin.

2.     Facial Massage: each facial treatment includes an anti-aging massage for lifting and firming using our natural beauty oil.

3.     Maintenance: in Korea, facials are considered maintenance. That’s why we created our affordable monthly facial membership.

1.     Extractions: to remove blackhead & whiteheads.

2.     Peels: we use fruit enzyme peel to remove dead skin. The peel helps brighten, smooth and soften the skin.

3.     Luxury: In America, facials are considered a luxury while in Korea, it’s considered maintenance. Yume blends the two philosophies to make it a luxurious monthly ritual through our monthly membership.

Maintenance Facials (60min – $119)

Monthly Membership – $79

Each treatment is focused on enhancing and maintaining the skin. This facial includes a double cleanse, professional exfoliation, extractions, high frequency, mask, serum and moisturizer. Shoulder & scalp massage included.

Silky Glow Facial - $119

This treatment begins with a double cleanse and a gentle shea sugar exfoliator that moisturizes and buffs, giving you an extra dose of hydration. Vitamin Berry tonic to
smooth skin and provides vital nourishment. Then a gentle avocado mask to help calm skin redness and boost moisture content. Finally, treat yourself with an intensely hydrating matte moisturizer that combines the richness of botanical milks with a clinical peptide to help erase the appearance of lines as it deeply moisturizes skin.

Skin type: All skin types. 

Lettuce Be Clear For Teens - $119

This pore-purifying facial is designed to treat and prevent breakouts. The treatment begins with a double cleanse, a
professional exfoliation to clear the pores. Then we continue with a fruit enzyme peel to eat up the dead skin cells left on the surface. The peel helps reduce the look of large pores and brighten the skin. This is followed by a Matcha Purity Mask. Kaolin clay in the mask helps balance oils and pull impurities away, making pores look smaller while Matcha green tea soothes skin. We will finish with a customized toner, serum and moisturizer for maximum glow.

Skin type: Oily, hormonal, acne-prone.

Gentleman's Facial - $119

This treatment starts off with a deep pore double cleanse and a refreshing botanical exfoliating cleanser. You will be  wow’ed by the fresh minty-herbal scent. Then we apply a light weight, alcohol-free cucumber water toner that reduce excess oils. Next, Peat Perfection masks to balance oils and reduce redness from shaving. Fishing with a toner, serum, and moisturizer. 

Skin type: all skin types. 

Uplift Facial Massage 30min - $55

The service is designed for those who need a natural face lift and relaxation. Just like exercising, face massage tones and firms the skin, it is ideal for the face with fine lines. It includes a double cleansing, 20-min facial massage, face mask and moisturizer. Scalp & shoulder massage included. 

Express 30-min Facial - $55

Are you a busy on the go person who finds it difficult making time to take care of your skin? This 30-minute facial is designed to help maintain your healthy skin, it comes with a double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, high frequency, mask, tone and moisturizer.

Customized Facial to Target Skin Concerns (80min – $149)

Monthly Membership – $99

Depending on skin concerns, our customized facial includes a double cleanse, Microdermabrasion, fruit enzyme peel, light extractions, toner, mask, uplift facial massage, customized LED therapy, serum infusion, moisturizer, Hot & Cold Therapy, Microcurrent and Dermaplaning.  10min foot soak, shoulder & scalp massage included.

Ultimate Age-Delay Facial - $149

This customized anti-aging facial restores skin’s radiance while erasing fine lines. Super antioxidants, Microcurrent and fruit enzyme peel sculpt face for youthful appearance.

Highlights of the treatment:

Cherry Collagen Peel: it’s a collagen-rich, cooling concoction of cherry, pineapple + papaya enzymes to gently eat away dead skin cells. The peel encourages cellular turnover, allowing brighter plump skin to surface.  This treatment is safe for pregnant women.

Carrot Rose Serum: This glow-boosting face oil is a natural retinol that increases cell turnover and boosts collagen for velvet smooth skin.  

Truffle Cream: a cream layover a serum for dewy hydration. Rosehip promotes cellular regeneration and elasticity. Red Raspberry provides natural sun protection and fights wrinkles. Rice Bran is rich in Vitamin E and makes skin soft and velvety.

Best skincare technologies: Diamond Microdermabrasion (not for sensitive skin), LED lights, Hot & Cold Therapy, Microcurrent.

A Bright Future - $149

Radically rejuvenate your skin for hyperpigmentation, sun damage acne scarring, dehydration, and dullness. 

Highlights of the treatment:

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel: This gentle alpha-hydroxy-acid powerhouse dissolves dull skin for an instant glow. Pumpkin Puree: brightens, smooths, and softens skin. 5% Lactic Acid: reduces acne and the appearance of fine lines. Gluconic Acid: increase collagen and cell turnover. Not recommended during pregnancy. 

Chocolate Face Cake Mask: Antioxidant flavonoids from Dutch cocoa for glow boosting hydration and a mineral rich Moroccan lava clay draws out impurities. Buttermilk exfoliates for velvet-soft, fresh skin. 

Pumpkin serum is a brightening beauty oil that renews dull skin, fades dark spots, and clears imperfections for smooth, even skin. Pumpkin seedsdiminish fine lines. Rosehip seeds reduce brown spots.

Best skincare technologies: Diamond Microdermabrasion (not for sensitive skin), LED lights, Hot & Cold Therapy.


Sensitive Skin Facial - $149

Highlights of the treatment:

Manuka Honey Mask: this healing exfoliating mask’s potent Manuka Honey, organic Papaya extract, and Rice Bran exfoliate for cell regeneration, revealing soft and radiant skin. Manuka Honey: draws impurities from the skin. Papaya & Apricot Enzymes: gently digest dull skin cells to brighten skin. Rice bran: gently exfoliates for even-textured and smooth skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum: quench thirsty skin with this ultra-replenishing gel-serum. This hydrating treatment is perfect as a lightweight moisture-boost for oily skin types or as a layering product for dry skin types. 

Raspberry Serum: nourishing beauty oil deeply hydrates dry/mature skin to reduce fine lines.

Best skincare technologies: LED lights, Cold Therapy

Acne-Fighting Facial - $149

Ance is mainly caused by inflammation and hormonal imbalances. Quick fix solutions and products are offered that tend to make issues worse. When it comes to acne treament, it is important to be patient. Here at Yume, we offer a holistic skin healing package that works. This include 10 acne treatment sessions, in depth consultations before each service, health and wellness guidance, and access to infrared sauna with fresh made organic juice to help hydrate and detox you during your visit. 

*Just $790 for 10 acne treatment sessions. Buy & save now:

Seasonal Facial - $149

This facial is specially created for those who suffer from congestions, dehydration, dullness caused by seasonal weather.

Highlights of the treatment:

Products & skincare technologies are customized based on your skin concerns. Our specialist will perform a facial, neck & scalp massage to help reduce congestion due to seasonal allergies. 

Recommend to book a Thai Traditional Herbal Steam to help clear up nose and throat congestion.