Add Yume Spa’s massage therapy to your health and wellness routine. There are numerous benefits to getting massages regularly – like

relieving muscle pain, calming the nervous systems, maintaining tissue health, improving blood circulation, improving your mood, and helping you hit the pause button for at least an hour at a time.

Select the massage treatment you prefer and let us know your favorite aromatherapy oils, we will make sure your massage experience at Yume is unforgettable.

*Be open with your therapist about the level of pressure you prefer throughout the massage.

Signature Yume Massage (70min/100min – $119/$159)

Our signature Yume massage is a combination of classic Swedish and Thai massage.

The massage is designed to relieves joint stiffness, headache and backpain. It also helps improve the flow of energy throughout your body, increase flexibility and ease anxiety.

After the massage, you will feel mentally invigorated and physically energized.

10min foot soak included.

Herbal Ball Massage (70min/100min– $135/$175)

Our Herbal Ball Massage is a hot compress technique offering several potential health benefits.

This massage is ideal for alleviating pain in stiff, sore, or pulled muscles and ligaments, chronic back aches, arthritis, skin conditions, migraines, and chronic stress or anxiety.

Let the hot compress, blended with traditional Thai herbs, soothe sore and overworked muscles.

The herbs we use also provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, resulting in both a relaxing and invigorating effect on your body and mind. 

10min detox foot soak included.

Prenatal Massage (70min/100min - $119/$159)

There’s nothing like a soothing prenatal massage to rub away the pains and strains of pregnancy.

Prenatal massage may not only help you relax but also relieve neck and back pain, leg cramping.

10min detox foot soak included.

Deep Tissue Massage (70min/100min - $139/$179)

This stronger, deep tissue massage helps to relieve stress and pain in problem areas, such as shoulders, legs, and lower back. This promotes the release of toxins and relief from recurring muscular tension, strain and inflammation. Our therapists will work on your tight muscles to alleviate the most stubborn tension and soreness in your body.

10min detox foot soak included.

*Be open with your therapist about the level of pressure you prefer throughout the massage.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage (70min/100min - $129/$169)

Do you suffer from allergies, bloating, digestive problems, or swollen lymph nodes? A lymphatic drainage massage could be the perfect service for you and your concerns. This massage uses techniques to relieve a blocked lymphatic system while helping you become more relaxed and recharged. Our therapists are able to gently manipulate specific problem areas of your body to help with swelling and drainage. Book today to become a healthier you.

10min detox foot soak included.